About Us


At FJR 2, we strive for realism at its finest. We are here to simulate the Fallschirmjäger’s world in a virtual one. When you join, you will be taught authentic Fallschirmjäger infantry tactics and experience the most immersive enterprise feasible in  digital entertainment. If you’re interested in our research click here to learn more!


Our community is for historical enthusiasts and competitive gamers alike with the highest regard for realism, problem solving, teamwork and winning. Every month, members will be put to the test in official matches against other realism and virtual reenactment units. The FJR 2 is home to those who embody the unrelenting warrior ethos and fighting spirit of the legendary “Grüne Teufel” (Green Devils). Here, we’re looking for candidates who have that determination to win everywhere, everytime.


Our members will learn how to problem solve and overcome any any obstacle by working in a team environment

In the final analysis, our vision is only possible through a cohesive, tight-knit community. When you join, you become a part of this community. This is not only a place to learn and grow but a place to have fun and make friends.