Awards & Decorations

Awards for Valor

“Look Hasenkamp, the infantry! Despite tanks and heavy artillery, the decider of the fight is always the infantry. When the storm wave moves forward, everything moves forward. If they breakdown, everything breaks down.”
Major zur Linden
Unternehmen Michael

Awards for service

Treue um Treue! (Loyalty for Loyalty!)
Fallschirmjäger Motto

qualification Badges

"The tenacity of these German paratroops is quite remarkable. I doubt if there are any other troops in the world who could have stood up to it and then gone on fighting with the ferocity they have."
British Field Marshal Harold Alexander
Memorandium to Prime Minister Winston Churchill

Cuff titles

"You are the chosen ones of the German Army. You will seek combat and train yourselves to endure any manner of test.To you, the battle shall be fulfillment."
Generaloberst Kurt Student
Fallschirmjäger Ten Commandments