Ufeldw. Erichsen, sp.
Stellv. Gr. FührerUA-Flg. Fürst
1. MG SchützeFlg. Sturm
2. MG SchützeFlg. Walter
MG HelferUA-Ogfr. Wilhelm, sp.
MG HelferFlg. Palmer
Fsch-schützeUA-Flg. H. von Blücher
Fsch-schützeFlg. Kaleb
Fsch-schützeFlg. Helbrecht
Fsch-schützeFlg. Steiner

Feldw. Ackerman, sp.
Stellv. Gr. FührerObjg. Fitz, sp.
1. MG SchützeFlg. Kropp
2. MG SchützeFlg. Waldheim
MG HelferFlg. Josenhans
MG HelferFlg. O. Müller
Fsch-schützeOgfr. Forstner, sp.
Fsch-schützeUA-Flg. Hals
Fsch-schützeFlg. Reute
Fsch-schützeFlg. Honigsberg

Stellv. Gr. Führer
1. MG Schütze
2. MG Schütze
MG Helfer
MG Helfer

Zg. Fhr.
St. Zg. Fhr.
Melder 1
Melder 2
Melder 3

Zugtrupp (Platoon Troop)

The Zugtrupp is the headquarters element of the Zug (Platoon). As the command team, their primary role is to relay messages up and down the chain of command. Led by the Zugtruppführer (Assistant Platoon Leader), it is composed of three meldern (messengers) and one krankenträger (medic). 

1. Gruppe ‘Erichsen’ (1. Squad)

The Gruppe (Squad) is the most basic infantry composition fielded on the battlefield and is led by a Gruppenführer (Squad leader) who is normally an Unteroffizier (Non-Commissioned Officer).  It is composed of 10 – 12 men and is organized into two teams. The Maschinengewehrtrupp (MG Team) is composed of two machine gunners and two assistants. The Jägertrupp (Rifle team) is the maneuvering element of the gruppe composed of four to six gewehrschütze (riflemen) led to by the Stellv.  Gruppenführer. Led by Unterfeldwebel Erichsen.

2. Gruppe ‘Ackerman’ (2. Squad)

In sharp contrast to the British sections and American squads, German Gruppen did not evenly distribute their automatic weapons amongst the fireteams. The ultimate goal for an assaulting Gruppe was to defeat his enemy in close quarters combat with grenades and finish him with the bayonet. The equipment loadout adopted by the Fallschirmjäger units was the epitome of this aggressive tactical philosophy. 2. Gruppe is led by Feldwebel Ackerman.

3. Gruppe ‘Dritte’ (3. Squad)

3. Gruppe is currently vacant and will be opened as the FJR 2 increases in size. Leadership to be determined.