1. Attendance: Members are expected to attend weekly trainings. Those who cannot consistently participate in weekly FJR 2 events may transfer to reserves. Members who miss three consecutive unexcused attendances will be vacated from their position and placed in reserves.

2. Pride: All members shall wear the “.FJR2” tags during trainings and official events. Members should don these tags with pride. Members are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the rules and regulations of the FJR 2 accordingly. Any member who is discovered to be griefing, trolling, cheating, or engaging in any subversive activity whilst wearing the tags will be dismissed from the unit.

3. Conduct: Treat everyone with dignity and respect. All members are beholden to the “Golden Rule“: treat others as you expect to be treated. Discrimination of any kind against any group or affiliation is prohibited. Members who cannot conduct themselves accordingly will be removed from the FJR 2.

4. Community: Building and fostering relationships is vital to the growth of the FJR 2. Members are encouraged to be active in teamspeak and participate in non-compulsory events. You are the sinew and fabric of this community.

5. While we portray a German unit, we do not condone Nazism, National Socialism, or any radically extremist view, and we do not accept members who do.

6. Multi-clanning is not allowed. Multi-clanning is defined as being an active member in another Post Scriptum gaming group, realism unit, or virtual reenactment group.


1. Cheating, trolling, griefing, and team-killing is expressedly prohibited.

2. Do not abuse or spam voice chat or VOIP.

3. Do not advertise or recruit on the FJR 2 server.

4. Respect Moderators, members, and players.

5. Those occupying in-game leadership positions must have and use their microphone. Players who do not will be removed from their role.

6. Discrimination, racism, and hate speech is prohibited.